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"Yer rich! Yer flashy! Yer got more big, shooty, and ded 'ard gear 'dan any udder two Orks put togevvur."

Weez da WRCY clan, weez da biggest, strongest an dead 'ardest orks around!

About us:

Whiterun Community (WRCY) is a fresh and new Ork clan, the majority of our members are located in the EU.
We are a medium-sized clan atm. but we are working on expanding, we are a close-knit community and we are planning on staying that way. Some features whit our clan:

  • We got Ranks,
  • We care about our members,
  • We allow our members to play as their favourite Ork faction,
  • We got Events,
  • We got some great people among us.

In our guild you may play as any Ork faction, we use some orky tactics but also play very freely.

Communicate whit your team mates, build friendships, We'll all work better together if we're enjoying ourselves and like our clanmates.
Voice chat isn't required but it will help out for coordinated attacks.
If you join, plan to be active and supportive of the clan!
Have fun!

If you are interested in joining us please Apply!

We are Looking forward to battleing beside you, WAAAGH!

How to apply:

To submit an application click Apply in the top-right corner of the screen.