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WARFAR / Jan 15, 2017

Get ready fer sum more stompin'!It is nearly time for the next Guild Event! We are hopeing to make this a great one! So remember to Sign up for the January 21 - Guild Event Boyz!And don`t forget the date. 21.01.2017 Looking forward to killin' sum ...

WARFAR / Dec 28, 2016

Remember to let us know if you are attending our January-07-2017 Guild Event! Let us knowz if ya wan ter kills sum uumies whit us WAAAGH!If you got any questions, leave a comment!

WARFAR / Dec 24, 2016

We had a great guild event today, lots of good teamwork and coordination. Won all our games, got to know some of our newer guild members a little better. looking forward to future guild events whit you guys as well. WAAAGHH!!

WARFAR / Oct 14, 2016

FINALLY! I managed to find one of the Eternal Crusade game-developers in-game and kill them. WAAAGH!The developer I killed in the Eternal crusade was Brent, and what a satisfying kill after the long search.Do you have the "Usuper (Scout)" achiev...

WARFAR / Oct 11, 2016

If you have any friends or know anyone that might want to join the guild, feel free to tell them about us! Also, it would be nice if we could get every member to write a little about themselves in the "Greetings!" thread under General Discussion a...