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Don't forget the next guild event! 15-04-2017

WARFAR / Apr 09, 2017
Let us knowz if ya wan ter kill sum uumies whit us in da April-15-2017 Guild Event! We are hopeing to make this event a big one, WAAAGH!

Sign up for the event by clicking on the event in the calandar and press the "Yes" im attending button (if you cannot attend this event, then also let us know).

Or sign up for it through this link:

Guild Discord can be found in the Forums, under General Discussion>The Eternal Crusade Discord

We are hopeing to take some Guild pictures in the Garrison and ingame aswell, so it would be appreciated if all members can meet on discord to coordinate!

If you got any questions, leave them in the comments. Or just let us know yer exciteded fer da event!


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